Friday, February 8, 2008

Dell Vostro 1400 First Impression Review

It's been almost a week since I promised that I will post pictures about my new laptop so here goes.

Above: The arrival of the package by 3rd party courier.

Above: This is what you see when you open the package.

Above: You will get to find 3 package in the box. The laptop bag, a Styrofoams box containing the laptop and a brown box containing the CDs, manual and charger.

Above: The laptop carrier. It's pretty light weighted as it's name suggested.

Above: The laptop. It's enclosed in an 1 inch protection.

Above: The laptop. Notice how thick is the protection.

Above: Introducing the Dell Vostro 1400.

Above: It's black, all black!

Above: The 9 cell battery. Beware: It protrudes outward and is very heavy.

Above: My first boot up.


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Anonymous said...

I love the dell vostro. That was my very first laptop that I bought for college. It still runs fine today but I need more speed so ended up getting the same dell line and bought the dell i15rv-1952blk. I could never go wrong.

Love the review and thanks for the pictures.